The summer came late to the West Coast this year but it is now in full swing. While the idea of ‘popping a cold one’ may sound appealing during the heat of summer, it’s just not an option for pregnant women. Even non-alcoholic beverages contain unnecessary calories or artificial sweeteners. So how can the expectant mother (or anyone for that matter) beat the heat this summer?
Here are our favourite calorie-free tricks:

1. Put your hands and feet in cool water. It may sound like a funny tip, but a pregnant woman’s circulation can increase by up to 50%! In the latter stages of pregnancy the tone of the muscles around the blood vessels relax and vasodilation occurs so more blood flows to the skin. The cool water lowers the temperature of the blood in the hands and feet and this cooler blood returns to your core. But that’s not all – the water pressure reduces the edema (swelling that doesn’t go away) in your hands and feet.

2. Drink cool water or home-made unsweetened iced tea. Cooler drinks are absorbed more quickly than those at room temperature and tea (especially green and white tea) contains an antioxidant called catechins.

3. Buy a spray fan and use it liberally! Have you seen these things? They have a hand trigger so you can spray yourself and then the fan will cool you off even more. Lovely!

4. Use a cool pack or frozen veggies on your torso or the back of your knees. Again, the blood will cool and return to your core, reducing your core temperature.

5. Go to a MommyMoves® PreNatal Aquafit class. Okay, I’m being a bit biased – any low to moderate intensity prenatal aquafit class will do. Aquafit will cool you down, decrease your edema (swelling), help prevent/manage gestational diabetes, strengthen muscles and joints and ease your low back pain. If you are feeling like a tank then this is the place for you. In the water you feel light and graceful. Seriously! And don’t be afraid to ask to see an instructor’s qualifications before signing up for a class.

Have a great rest of your summer and may this glorious weather last a wee bit longer!

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