Our Story

I was an aquatic fitness instructor with a baby. I watched the other moms with their babies in land-based classes and saw the need for something similar in the water. I tried Parent & Tot swim lessons but I taught them myself for 14 years so I found them a little bit monotonous and not active enough for me. I knew I had the knowledge, education and experience to develop something fun and active for parents and their babies, thus MommyMoves Mom & Baby Aquafit was born! A safe, but fun, low impact workout designed for moms who either want to get back into fitness or are looking for an alternative Mom & Baby interactive activity.


Developing this program worked well for me. At the time, I had one colicky baby (I would go on to have another) so I wasn’t sleeping at night and I still had my rehab clients, for whom I was expected to be high-energy and upbeat. When I got home from work I found that I was too tired to look after and spend quality time with my own baby, who then proceeded to keep me up all night. It was a vicious cycle!


But once I realized that pregnant women and new Moms were experiencing conditions and musculoskeletal issues that needed aquatic rehab, I understood that this was a population that I was in a unique position to help.


So, I combined my love of all things aqua with my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Exercise Science (Kinesiology),  my 25+ years teaching Aquatic Fitness, lifeguarding and water safety and my experience in the field of rehab to create a comprehensive program that provides a pregnant woman or new Mom with a workout that is not only fun and social, but addresses the aches and pains she is experiencing on a daily basis.

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