What causes Post Partum Depression?

There are various factors that can contribute to the development of Post Partum Depression.  Typically, the depression is triggered by hormone fluctuations, but there are also everyday factors that contribute to its progress.  For example, sometimes when a pregnancy is not planned, or there are financial strains, it can lead to heightened feelings of persistent anxiety.  Having a history of depression prior to pregnancy, or having depression in your family, can contribute to the rates of Post Partum Depression.

Treatment Options

Treatment for Post Partum Depression can include medication, therapy, or both.  It is important to take preventative measures if you feel you are experiencing symptoms.  Talk to your partner, friends and family; explain to them what you are feeling and ask for help.  Make time for yourself; it is okay to take a break from diapers and laundry!


For Everyone

The Pacific Post Partum Society is an amazing resource for all new and expectant mothers, and their families.  Many of the resources offered by the Pacific Post Partum Society are free to everyone!  The staff are very helpful and extremely understanding.  To find out more visit: http://www.postpartum.org

For partners, friends, or family here are some helpful hints to help your new mother:



Baby Blues

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Post Partum Depression

For more information on causes, risk factors, symptoms, and treatment of Post Partum Depression visit:


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