When I first met Alma Vaugeois at an Enterprising Moms Network function last year, I noticed her gentle and calm demeanor. Anyone who knows me can tell you I am a ‘slightly’ energetic and perhaps ‘somewhat’ forthright person, so her soothing presence drew me in and we started chatting about our personal and business lives.

Alma is a Registered Clinical Counselor, Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer. As a counselor, she often recommends yoga (although she doesn’t demand that it be with her) as an emotional release and way to build strength and stamina. I loved the marriage of the two practices and so when an opportunity to bid on a set of her yoga classes at a silent auction came up, I grabbed it and won! I didn’t do anything with it due to time constraints but I always intended on using it. A few months later I was at the launch party for the Langley EMN and I won a door prize – a gift certificate for a Heart Resonance Healing Session with…Alma! I guess someone somewhere was sending me a message.

I listened to the message and booked my yoga sessions with Alma at her home studio, Alma Mayi Yoga Studio in South Surrey. The studio is in her basement and as a result it feels very homey and comfortable. The other participants were very friendly and we all had a short chat before we got started. In contrast to other studios I’ve been to, I felt that the environment was intimate and when I was spoken to I didn’t feel like I was being interviewed.

Alma’s teaching style was very gentle and she slowly led me into the various postures. We alternated between standing, seated and lying postures so my wrists didn’t get sore at any time. She occasionally uses touch to encourage you into the proper position and will educate you on why the changes are necessary.

Overall, I found the class to be an excellent beginner or special population class and I highly recommend her as a yoga instructor. It is so nice to practice yoga in a non-competitive environment and still feel like you got something out of it!

To contact Alma for an individual, couple or family yoga session or counseling: almavaugeois@shaw.ca or 604-538-2232

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